The big gay media event in 2015 to date has been the breaking of the Cucumber/Banana/Tofu television dramas in the UK and America. The title refers to a classification of erectile hardness routinely used in Sweden. Penned by Russell T. Davies, known for 1999's "Queer as Folk" as well as the revamp of Doctor Who, the three interlinked series have again rattled the cages of homophobes and reactionaries. So how shocking are they? And do they have any lasting merit? We welcome them for breaking new ground and share our views in this week's feature.

Also making a media impact has been the huge Hozier hit ‘Take Me To Church,’ here danced spectacularly by Lustralboy fave, Sergei Polunin.






Similarly irresistible was the news from Virginia, USA where the claims of the PFOX  bigots were refuted in grand style






And more grand style exploded on the streets of Sydney in the annual Mardi Gras parade. Check out the view.







Causing some tongue-in-cheek debate, the ANZ bank unveiled its 2015 GayTMs ahead of the Mardi Gras event







Another bigot bit the dust. US Presidential candidate, Ben Carson, was challenged by gay activist Dan Savage, to "Suck my d**k"







Elsewhere our roving reporter Derek, reports from Bali, variously "Island of Peace", "Morning of The World" or "Island of Gods."







The regular feature, "Your Top Ten Lustralboy Images" again displays the guys that you have most liked in the past month.







Finally we reveal Jordan Ver Hoeven, a hot new modelling talent, just turned nineteen. Twenty shots explain his huge popularity. 



Happy March browsing.


Michael n Kinder

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