September 29th, 2014

Death, where was thy sting?

Here at Lustralboy we try to remain resolutely cheerful in the face of whatever slings and arrows outrageous fortune sends our way. This month, however, has found us preoccupied with death.

Our friend, David Harvey, encapsulated as a "textiles journalist" in the Draper's Record trade magazine, died on September 2.He was 84 years old. Enjoy our reflections on his remarkable life.







We also found ourselves moved by the film, Lilting haunting meditation on the way that death can inspire unexpected connections and ultimately reaffirm the values of the living. 







In cheerier mode, it was death by a thousand cuts that characterised this years UK X-Factor post-bootcamp episodes. Read all about the slaughter in the arena right here.







As usual, we have identified a new Model of the Month. Enjoy a look at Sam Harwood, at eighteen, already a veteran and badly missing his rugby games and surfing safaris.







We have also saved your link clicking by assembling September's most enthusiastically received pics all one page. Find them in "view".


As ever, new stories will emerge in the coming month. We look forward to welcoming you back.



Michael n Kinder

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