What can anyone make of the extraordinary events of January 2015? The name Charlie now has a resonance it may never lose, the name Draghi will forever be enmeshed in the fate of the euro and now the Japanese nation finds itself immersed in the horrors of ISIS. As ever, stories came at us from all over the globe. One in particular caught our attention.

So today's question is: where might we find the only shrine on the planet dedicated to the support of gay men in their search for love? Could it be on the streets of San Francisco, in a corner of the liberal Marais quarter of Paris, close to a ruined temple somewhere in Greece, buried under the jungle greenery of Angkor Wat or up a grubby Soi in Bangkok?

The answer, surprisingly, was to be found down a narrow alleyway in a bustling district of New Taipei City. Welcome to Wei-ming temple, devoted to a deity who has watched over gays for four centuries. Click to read the poignant tale.





As the search for love briefly captivated us, the marriage of popular British actor Stephen Fry made global headlines, as did his plea for a public pardon for gays prosecuted under English law before its repeal in 1967.






http://www.lustralboy.com/c/v/introducing_nathaniel_rooklyn_model_of_the_month_for_february_2015/modeOn a more lightheated note, many will find their search for inspiration well rewarded by this month's Model of the Month, Sydney boy, Nathaniel Rooklyn.







Similarly inspiring, here's a brand of men's swimwear from New York. Charlie by MZ has no connection to any recent events in Paris. But the brand is on a roll.







And, finally, we again facilitate a catch-up of the most hotly viewed images of the month in our Top Ten Lustralboy Images for January.



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Michael N Kinder

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