Amidst this summer of sporting endeavour, the issue of homophobia has again raised its ugly face. We have long felt that the mass appeal of sport is a potentially potent vehicle. But, in practice, the picture that emerges is at best confused. In recent months that saw the comings out of swimmer Ian Thorpe and footballer Thomas Hitzelberger, the well-rehearsed gay kiss at the Commonwealth Games, skater and commentator Johnny Weir in drag at the Sochi Olympics and more cheerful stripping by the Warwick Rowers, the sporting routes to combatting homophobia have become more eclectic than ever. We review their impacts to date and hope that further breakthroughs, or breakouts, are just over the horizon.

Adrenaline flows weren't the sole preserve of the sporting community. Check out our new Adrenaline Corner!







Hormones were also in evidence in the news that androgynous supermodel Andrej Pejic is now Andreja.







Elsewhere, in Glasgow, actually, it was pheremones in action at the the Big Gay Kiss, here on video.







As for those magnificent Warwick Rowers, they are busy baring all again in the fight against gay bullying.







In the coming out stakes, Ian wasn't alone. compare and contrast with singer, Jamie Lambert.







Finally, the model of the month this time around is New Yorker, Justin Barnhill. Sporty!





Happy August browsing.

Michael n Kinder

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