August 30th, 2014

An icy chill sweeps the world.

Looking at the big picture, we could easily allow ourselves a gloomy wallow in the madness of Gaza, Luhansk and Baghdad. But, since that's already ubiquitous in the news bulletins, why don't we, in the inspiring words of Monty Python, "Look on the bright side of life?"

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" also gets marks for ubiquity. We feature some splendid examples right here.







Also worth celebrating is the arrival on the fashion scene of Italian hunk, Andrea Moscon.







As are the fun "Freedom Jocks" newly marketed with unique charm by 2wink.







Not to forget the August Top Ten, last month's hottest and most-liked pics

More posts are in the pipeline so do keep checking back. In the meantime, enjoy a cheery browse and here's hoping for a lurch towards a saner world, sooner rather than later.



Michael n Kinder

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