July, a summer month in northern climes, sees shirts off and a change of a mood from busy to reflective. We aim to capture both strands this month. And we'll resist adding to the trillions of words expended on the World Cup beyond expressing a hope that Seb Blatter soon disappears from the sport he has done so much to corrupt.

First, then, the mood of reflection sees us reviewing the realities for those who "come out" at a later age. The coming out challenge is most often discussed in the context of the young. The challenges for older age groups are often different, but no less real. It helps to recognise what they are. And then to realise that there are solutions, ones that, in general, become easier to access as each year goes by.

By way of a contrast, we embrace the shirtlessness with some aesthetically pleasing galleries, whether the latest "One-a-Day" posts, the Model of the Month or an in-depth look at the latest ranges to emerge from the aussieBum machine.

"One-a-Day" and the "Daily Kickstart" are simply the fun places to find images of the male that avoid most cliches and embrace a refined sense of masculine beauty. The search for a new image everyday can be exhausting as we try to eliminate the banal, the commonplace or the simply pornographic. Usually, however, the search ends with a mild cry of "eureka".




Close to our chosen topic, play compare and contrast the now out Thorpedo and singer Jamie Lambert.







Eugen Bauder, model

The Model of the Month this time is Kazakhstan-born Eugen Bauder, no newcomer but one whose range of moods and expressions makes him a standout in any fashion spread.






To our Lustralboy audience, there is surely no need to elaborate on the importance of one's underwear or swimwear. As avid swimmers ourselves, we've been thrilled  to encounter a sudden rush of inventiveness from those old friends, the aussieBum team. It starts with their new "Lagoon " concept.





And extends into underwear with the very macho and serious "Brave" range. Formidable shovel not included.







Aussiebum, candy

And culminates with "Candy," colourfully and blissfully ignoring the obvious references to kids in the candy shop. Actually you'll find those very references back in the "Coming out late " review, an instance of serendipity that has us reaching cheerfuly for an end of the day glass of something cool and refreshing.





Vanuatu, land divers,

Loth to be left behind in the innovation stakes, we've come up with our own little stunner, a daily booster at Adrenaline Corner. Go get your surge.







Finally, and encapsulating the delights of the last three months, here come the Top Ten Boys you have liked as most "lustral." Take your time! And if your personal favourite is missing, just let us know.



Happy July scrolling.


Michael n Kinder

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