Privacy in the digital world is again an issue. We sacrifice it, more or less consciously, every time we log onto our Facebook page or execute a Google search. Probably, we no longer think twice about the implications. For the famous, however, those for whom public exposure goes with the job, openness to global curiosity about such matters as their sexuality comes with obvious pitfalls. The actor Thomas Hardy, probed, in his view inappropriately, has just shown one mode of response; irritation. This contrasts with those of his profession who  in these relatively more liberal times, have happily shared news of their sexuality. 

This month we explore one dimension of this particular phenomenon by nominating our favourite five actors whom we know to be gay but who have, remarkably, secured their careers mainly by playing straight characters. For starters, step forward , amongst others, Mr. Spock!





The regular feature, "Your Top Ten Lustralboy Images" again displays the guys that you have most liked in the past month.







We have, again tracked down a new Hearstopper. Young Pole, Julek or 'Jules' Wegrzyn. Just watch him fly!







Finally we reveal Jack Taffel, a hot new modelling talent, just turned nineteen. Twenty five shots explain his huge popularity with young audiences.



Happy autumnal browsing.


Michael n Kinder

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