March 20th, 2011

Free and blissful. The Lustralboy Compilation 3: Barside Mix

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  • WOW!!!! I did not know if it’s going to be good. It is not. It’s fabulous. Mesmerising music from artists I mainly did not know. Now to download the other two compilations. Thanks Lustralboy.

    By : Jules Fromental : on Monday, 21st March 2011
  • My favourite of the 3 compilations so far.
    Haunting in parts, uplifting in others and now glued to my player.

    By : Nigel Cheek : on Wednesday, 23rd March 2011
  • Can’t stop replaying this mix. Something addictive about the mood and the very “now” fusion of the genres. Bring on no.4!

    By : Martin Fordyce : on Monday, 04th April 2011

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