January 3rd, 2011

From Adonis to Beauty Queen. A pivotal gay influence laid bare.


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  • Absorbing stuuf! It’s the subversive types in society that unleash change. And you can’t get much more sexually subversive than a boy in drag. Good for them. Good for you, Conraad and Lustralboy.

    By : Paul Pearson : on Wednesday, 05th January 2011
  • I salute the Queens in this article for “laying bare” parts of their souls. You are all wonderful ambassadors for our community, and it is an honour and a priviledge to know you all!!!!

    Conraad, Love, WELL DONE, on a brilliantly written article, and thanks, as always, for bringing the SA Gay Scene to the rest of the world!!!

    By : Karl-Heinz Michel : on Wednesday, 05th January 2011
  • it’s articles like these that tell and can make people understand why we do what we do!brilliant work,Conraad!

    By : Kat Gilardi : on Thursday, 06th January 2011
  • I must say this is one of the best pieces I read in a long time. Conraad hit the nail on the head were it comes to Queens in our society. They really are the pillars and the ambassadors that we need. They always are there to help, talk and a shoulder to cry on.
    Once again good work Conraad and hope to read more such articles from you


    By : Eugene Geldenhuys : on Friday, 07th January 2011
  • Lovely article Mr Jonas! Well done - I Feel honoured to have been part of it - and thanks for doing this article about the drag community. Love you lots

    By : Miss. B : on Sunday, 09th January 2011
  • Truly this article will open many hidden eyes ,thanks Mr. Jonas for reminding and also telling first timers where we came from and hoe we have to thank for our freedom today .truly words of wisdom and kindness many kisses and love W.

    By : Wpc Pretorius : on Monday, 17th January 2011
  • love the article!!!!! thank you so much for everything….love natz mwa xxxxx

    By : natasha : on Wednesday, 19th January 2011

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