May 23rd, 2011

Conraad Jonas’s Queeriosity: Facebook, much more than a poke.

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  • Now there is something that does not even require facebook at all.
    My view of being gay and I am, the glamorous life of being gay always attracts those looking to stab someone with a very good heart and mind set that has worked so hard in getting where he/she is trough the heard by just climbing on there and sucking them dry, and doing this until the victim finds out and breaks in to 5 million pieces and can never again find it I their heard to love someone again, so what am I just bubbling about?. I thing that money and lust is the fuel for all this miss leading stuff we encounter every day ,I mean if my ex boyfriend can sit right next to me and have a go with his hand in another boys pants then I think the good boys are all infected and

    So I think that Conraad has hit this problem right where some people will rather not.
    Thanks I hope all the idiot players out there reads your story at least once and get to see what they are doing too good hearted guys like me and many other out there

    By : WpC Pretorius : on Monday, 30th May 2011
  • And there it turns out Conraad cheated on Karl.

    So much for practice what you preach!

    By : James : on Monday, 04th July 2011
  • James.

    We all cheat emotionaly ; physicaly and in so many other ways. One can not preven that which you can not predict. And no one has the right to speak on their behalf!

    By : spectator : on Friday, 08th July 2011
  • James, we are all human, and everyone makes mistakes. Conraad made an error in judgement, yes, but we all do at some point or another. To err is human, to forgive is divine…

    Conraad remains a wonderful and caring person, and we will always have a degree of love for each other, no matter what happened in the past, is currently occuring, or what may transpire in the future…

    At the end of the day, we all deserve our happiness; and I will never hate Conraad for anything he did; but always value the time we spent together because of the person he made me…

    Love you Conraad!!!

    By : Karl-Heinz Michel : on Friday, 08th July 2011
  • Taken from Conraad’s Facebook profile

    “I want to impress upon the LGBTI society the value of monogamy. Being a role model – especially to the gay youth of South Africa – to show that ‘we’ are more than just “twinks”, and can achieve great successes”

    “Together, we strive towards setting a new norm within the community - showing that monogamy is the way to go! Through honesty, loyalty, trust and fabulosity - we want to change the world together.”

    Error in judgement you say. Interesting. So is that the latest excuse within our LGBTI society when it comes to the breach of monogamy ??

    You simply can not have it both ways.

    Mr Spectator is correct though. We all cheat some or another way.


    By : James Dell : on Sunday, 10th July 2011

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