June 29th, 2011

Conraad Jonas’s Queeriosity: The Face of the HERO Behind the Mask.

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  • Excellent my skat…... Who needs a stranger for a Hero, if you can call him friend!! Mwha!!! Xxxx

    By : Trixi : on Monday, 04th July 2011
  • WOW!!! Truly incredible!!! Well done Conrad on yet another beautiful and inspiring article!!! Keep up the good work and make us all proud!! xx

    By : Your secret admirer : on Monday, 04th July 2011
  • And through seeing the person, the lucky ones actually get to see the soul underneath that.  To me, that is the greatest thing of all and it is an honor for someone to show that to you.
    Dankie dat ek dit al by jou kon sien, my vriend…

    By : CP : on Wednesday, 06th July 2011
  • This is a well-written piece, deep from the heart. Cheers to Conraad!

    By : Calix Reede : on Wednesday, 13th July 2011
  • Uitstekend! Dis baie insigewend! xx

    By : Janine : on Thursday, 14th July 2011

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