October 30th, 2010

Johannesburg Pride Celebrates Its 21st Birthday


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  • “advocates of monogamous relationships” - why is this expressed about a 100 times?

    and.. Was this really written by Conraad? mmmm

    By : Bryan : on Monday, 01st November 2010
  • “Hi Bryan. Conraad Jonas (the writer) here. YES, it was written by me - feel free to follow me on Facebook should you have any doubts.

    Furthermore: “Advocates of monogamous relationships” is NOT repeated 100 times, but it is stated explicitly, as this is one of the messages that my partner, Karl-Heinz, and I, are trying to promote in the gay community. Too much cheating, betrayal, multiple sex-partners, etc. are being displayed in our community, and has become the norm.

    If we, as a couple, can change people’s perception about such habits, we can start making a difference to our community; make a dent in the spread of HIV/Aids (albeit a small one); and start to change the perception that the heterosexual community has of Gay men…

    If you have any further enquiries or comments, feel free to contact me directly for a more elaborate discussion.

    Kind regards,
    Conraad G. Jonas.

    By : Conraad : on Friday, 05th November 2010
  • Conraad’s response shows exactly why Lustralboy wanted to give him a platform to express his opinions and share aspects of his life. We all need inspiration in our lives and it’s individuals like him that can help to change perceptions and behaviour.

    By : michael : on Friday, 05th November 2010
  • What an exceptionally brilliant article - I am very proud of my boy!!!

    And in response to Bryan’s comments - Conraad and I get at least 30 messages/ comments a week, congratulating or thanking us for the message (of monogamy!), we send out to the world.

    It is high time that we, as a gay community, took a hard long look in the mirror, and re-evaluate what life is all about! If there was a higher rate of devotion, honesty and loyalty in gay relationships, the stereotype image will diminish; the spread of HIV/Aids can be curbed; less heartbreaks and suicides will occur, and greater acceptance by society will emerge…

    And above all, neither Conraad nor I will ever hide the love we share, for we are proud of what we have accomplished and the message we send out into the world, AS A COUPLE!!!!

    Pride Baby! It’s all about Pride!!!

    Wonderful article, my love!! grin

    By : Karl-Heinz Michel : on Monday, 08th November 2010
  • Bryan (or whoever you are cause there could be about 5 million of you around the world - so unique).

    I think if we think a little out of the thinking box here, one might realize that Conraad here has a reputation to uphold. Don’t you think lustralboy.com would notice if there is a change in his article style? So surely, he has to be the one who keeps on writing these articles. Why do people always comment such senseless off-the-topic crap. We’re not addicted to the internet, we’re being hold up by reading people’s silly little useless annoying negative sad and depressing comments as an image of their own frustrating life!!!!!!

    Ok, so now that we’ve waisted another 5 minutes on horse dong, let’s continue:

    I was at Joburg Pride!! The atmosphere was awesome, like always. Congrats to Ramp Divas Nightclub which one the best float! And there’s nothing more amazing than sharing this unique day with almost all your family friends in one place!! You looked sexy on the Fireman’s Ball Firetruck Conraad!! *-*

    SS Woolworth

    By : Shirley Woolworth : on Monday, 08th November 2010

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