September 29th, 2010

Meeting Karl-Heinz Michel


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  • YA-HOOGA!!! What a hottie!!!! And he’s got brains and decency too!!!

    Definately got my vote!!! Go Karl! WOW!

    By : JC : on Thursday, 30th September 2010
  • Well Done!

    This is a great interview! Good exposure for the website!

    See you romorrow at Pride! wink
    Ernest M Gravett

    By : Ernest M Garvett : on Friday, 01st October 2010
  • Ja….. Plus restaurant can tell you all about that “special interests or talents” - they basicly just want to puke on the sound of Karl’s name. So much for looks…. No comment.
    (The barf-bag is already full, I borrowed the one from Plus).

    Keep up the ‘good’ work!!!

    By : Jaco : on Wednesday, 13th October 2010
  • Hi All.
    1st: Jaco: I was there that night Karl performed at Plus - giving a WONDERFUL performance, to a delighted crowd. He is an incredible human being with such a kind heart and incredible talent as a performer.

    So I don’t know what YOUR problem is, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!

    2nd: Karl, you are an inspiration to many! Gay, straight, Lesbian, Drag. whatever!!! Never let anyone get you down, cause you are destined for greatness!!!! grin

    By : Cecile : on Thursday, 14th October 2010
  • Of course you were there “Cecile’, you were performing. Stop kissing your own ass like that Karl, it’s fake and it’s pissing everyone off. Who are you trying to convince that you’re a ‘good human being’? The people or yourself?

    By : Jaco : on Thursday, 14th October 2010
  • Dear Jaco,

    You are right: CECILE did perform that night - she was the young lady that got up and danced with me during one of the songs and sang along to all the songs. So at least part of your comment is true…

    As for your comments about PLUS - the owners Jaco Minnaar & Christo Wolfaardt have both denied any connection to these defamatory comments of yours and your allegations against them. Thus, your comments are unsupported.

    Regarding your personal attack against me:
    1. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion; and if you, without even probably knowing me, perceive me as you do, then that is fine. One cannot be liked by everyone.

    2. I trust that those who know me personally, and those that believe in me, know that I am an honest person with integrity and high moral values. Thus, your comments don’t phase me in the least.

    3. If you have the courage to post comments like this, have the courage to do so in person. Feel free to contact me on Facebook, or e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and we can arrange to discuss this face to face, if you have the backbone for it.

    Yours sincerely,

    Karl-Heinz Michel

    By : Karl-Heinz Michel : on Friday, 15th October 2010
  • To this misterious “Jaco”. Your deforming comments does not appeal to anyone, you clearly haven’t met Karl, because if you did, he would know who you are AND ME TOO, plus I know everyone who were at the PLUS show, and I do not believe you were there Jaco-vitch. Let’s not waste our time on someone who comments about something he doesn’t know a thing about. Karl is not fake. Period. Stop your incompetent comments. Thank you Karl for someone who has TRULY DEDICATED himself to the support to the gay community, even directed his studies in the name of LGBTI. I’m sure that is more that you can say you. Please Jaco search me on FB (Full name), would love to meet in person.

    By : Frans-Petrus Zeelie : on Friday, 15th October 2010
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