April 1st, 2011

New Malaysian movie: Dalam Botol, “Penis in a bottle” renamed “In a bottle.”

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  • So will Sting and the guys get together and do a remake: “Penis in a Bottle, yeah.” A sure fire hit if ever there was one!

    By : Nigel Cheek : on Friday, 01st April 2011
  • Nice joke, Nigel. But the movie subject is NO joke. A movie supposed to be liberating because it’s the first Malaysian one to explore gay themes takes as its story a very negative one. Tough to be liberated or inspired by self-destruction and subsequent rejection. Less Brokeback Mountain than Apocalypse Penis.

    By : Ed Harvey : on Friday, 08th April 2011
  • Everything was above and beyond what I expected is great.

    By : Jeby : on Tuesday, 14th June 2011

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