December 2nd, 2010

New South Africa gay support group launches. Lustralboy investigates.

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  • We are a couple together for 12 y and would love to be part a something good and this is it so just wanna say we are here if you guys need any help would love to be part of this stunning group, we have always felt that we can give back to the gay community more than just being gay call on us if we can help with anything wimpie and Rudi

    By : Wimpie : on Friday, 03rd December 2010
  • If only similar groups existed in every country of the world, young gays would find coming out so much easier. Well done all of you!

    By : Stevie Rathbone : on Friday, 03rd December 2010
  • I think its gtreat,the support thays availlable
    in todays life people should use it

    By : Hendrik Scholtz : on Sunday, 05th December 2010
  • I was inspired the first time I read this. In a world where the news is so often depressing, the optimism and energy of people like this makes all the difference.

    By : Luke Cheek : on Thursday, 16th December 2010
  • Great article! Thanks Conraad. You’re hot!

    By : Franco Wang : on Wednesday, 22nd December 2010
  • Thanx again Conraad my good friend for this. read it almost every day! together we will do great hings I know it! also thanx to all for the support smile

    By : adriaan van wyk : on Wednesday, 29th December 2010

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