February 11th, 2011

The Demon of Obsession. Of love and lust, by Conraad Jonas.

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  • I awesome message and such true words for such a young man!!! something to take to heart

    By : Miss Matahari : on Friday, 11th February 2011
  • Wow! My friend. You out did yourself with this. I must say that you just answered a whole bunch of my questions. Thanks for the wonderful person that you are and for the hope and inspiration you give. Keep up the good work! Xoxox

    By : Jacques Postma : on Friday, 11th February 2011
  • Hi mens jou storie maak sin en glo baie IDIOT’S sal dalk iets kan leer da uit
    ek dink eder 2 oukis sal wou eggenote wou wees maar nie met meeste dink dis n grap ,wanneer doen jy n stoerie op gay ‘s/lesbians and baby’s (anneming of seregaat moeders
    mwah lief u my friend

    By : Wpc Pretorius : on Saturday, 12th February 2011
  • Ey Guys and Girls thanks for the great comments!!!
    @ WPC Pretorius. Awe; thanks my friend. Miss and love you 2. Thanks for the idea. I unfortunately don’t know any but; I do know of a Lesbian couple trying to get a child ... ill see what I can arrange for the next article…leave your comments and idea’s and ill see what I can arrange?
    Thanks guys and Girl.

    By : conraad : on Saturday, 12th February 2011
  • honestly Conraad, Ive given up on love and lust i now know no-one will make me happy excpet me so ya long as i got good freinds im happy i hope. love what you’ve said though

    By : Bryan : on Saturday, 12th February 2011
  • Hi Conraad, I really liked what you wrote, you never stop to suprise me.
    I guess love and sex are two things so hard to define, and delicate to give an opinion about. But in the end we all have the need to settle down, with our own rules and ‘‘happy ever after’s’‘

    By : Filip : on Monday, 14th February 2011
  • Thanks for a nice article. I enjoyed reading it. Us men are indeed strange. There will always be something you can’t have and that will make you want it even more so. Sin, sin, sin…

    By : Edward : on Tuesday, 15th February 2011
  • First and foremost: Congrats Conraad on yet another brilliantly written piece! You blew my mind with this one…

    Secondly, this article addresses issues we should all take note of. Being in a monogamous relationship myself, I think the only way we can break the stereotype that hangs over our heads like a dark cloud, is by doing like Michael Jackson sang: “I’m starting with the man in the mirror! I’m asking him to change his ways!”

    Let’s make Monogamy the norm, and stop breaking others’ hearts with our insensitive, sex-deprived actions; and let’s make the world a better place for all of us under the Rainbow Flag!!!

    Well done, and thank you Conraad!!!!

    By : Karl-Heinz : on Wednesday, 16th February 2011
  • @Bryan - Never search for love; as it will pass you without you even knowing it or seeing it pass you by…as soon as you are ready it will find you!

    @Filip - Thanks. Yes was truly a difficult story to write but I am glad I could do it some justice and it is thanks to you that I got my inspiration for this article! Happily ever after needs to be defined by us with our own rules and regulations but without affecting the society in a negative way.

    @ Edward - Men will be Men; Humans will be Humans; Animals will be Animals but the only thing that sets us apart from animals is our soul that makes us choose the right decisions and actions.

    @ Karl-Heinz: You took the words out of my mouth. Yet again thanks for inspiring me to write this piece from not only a polygamy point but from our own Monogamous views as well!

    By : conraad : on Thursday, 17th February 2011
  • Love isn’t a decision, its a feeling! If we could decide who we want to loved it would be much simpler; but also much less magical.  In the end it needs to feel right, not just love but everything in the relationship between 2 partners!

    By : Filip Caron : on Tuesday, 01st March 2011
  • Im impressed mr Jonas.

    By : Adam : on Friday, 15th April 2011

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